Activate The Group

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn the group, there is a constant circulation of desire. The key for me is to be more active in analysis and correction. Indeed, my corrected attitude towards others returns to me better adjusted and strengthened. In this way, I introduce changes to the way the group influences me. My weak impetus evokes strong feedback, according to the measure that I value the friends.

Here everything depends on how much importance I ascribe to them. It could be that the group is very large, but I don’t value them at all, or it could that the group is small, but I consider them as the best environment in the world. This is my choice. By building the correct attitude towards them, I change my destiny. Until now everything happened according to the plan of nature: I grew, and they filled me with enthusiasm. But now I am given an opportunity to create an identical attitude towards them myself.

This has become possible thanks to the shattering of the vessels, as a result of which today I see my desires as foreign, isolated, and not dependent on me. Essentially, I have an opportunity to correct them as if from the side, externally. And I myself constitute only the point that the Creator kindled within me.

The entire reality, all the souls are before me. And I am a spark that needs to build the correct attitude towards them and relate to them as the Creator relates to the created beings. This is so because these souls are my spiritual vessel. I was given an opportunity to begin to relate to them consciously, purposefully, and they strengthen me in response. So I gradually discover that I have a connection with the Creator. It turns out that my vessel is Malchut filled with the upper Light.


And here is my only choice. The group, on its part, will give me all that is necessary for me. But if I don’t cooperate with it selectively and specifically want that, the world leads me through the path of suffering, which is called “in its time.”

Thus, if you want to be on the fast and straight path toward the goal, activate the group. Only from it, from the correct environment, will you receive the Light, the force of accelerated development.

Today you perceive Malchut of Infinity as “this world.” This reality influences you, and changes you according to the way you relate to it. Everything depends specifically on your attitude, on the extent to which you create and invite upon yourself the influence from the friends. Turn them to the correct angle in your perception, and they will radiate the Light on you. After all, you deal with Malchut of Infinity given to you for the work.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 11/9/2011, “Matan Torah (The Giving of the Torah)”

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