Our Task Is To Demand. The Light Will Do The Rest

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe decisive week before the convention has arrived. These are special days preceding the reception of the new state. In order to demand the new state, we need to correctly prepare ourselves, to feel sure that we will receive it, and to be ready for it. And then it will happen.

Everything depends on us. The opportunity is given to us, everything is ready, and it depends only on our desire, on how successful we will be in demanding this.

We hope that we will join our forces and succeed in reaching a cry. Essentially, this is all we need, nothing more. The other half will come from Above.

Therefore, there is no need to go all the way and try to be nice in order to do it all by ourselves. We can’t be nice, we only need to want it to happen.

Half is already easier. We only have to think about this: how to make an effort and to cry out. And after that, the upper force will come. We only need to draw the boundary and understand where our part ends. This will make it easier for a person to prepare for the first revelation of the Creator.
From the Talk During the Meal 11/25/2011

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