A Man And A Woman: Two Factors For Success

Dr. Michael LaitmanThere is a certain unification, preparation, that only men can carry out if they detach themselves from their families, from the women, and seclude themselves. When you go beyond the boundaries of our world and exist only in unity with the friends, this produces a special prayer, special sensations. We felt it. It is really so, and it cannot be described in any other way.

Women’s preparation is not in order to connect themselves, but to help the men to do that, to try to create all the necessary conditions for it, and to quietly push them towards connection. Women can help men overcome their ego and reach unity.

By the way, our women, all over the world, understood this point very well. They supported us and I am grateful for that. Their support was felt throughout the Arava convention, and by that they performed a great service for us.

The December convention already entails the state of standing at the foot of Mt Sinai, where there are women, children, and the elderly. However, the foundation is the men, 600,000 souls, not by their quantity, but might.

In the wisdom of Kabbalah everything is measured by its power because Kabbalah talks about uniting into one general desire. This one mighty desire is expressed as the number 600,000, which symbolizes the power of our unity. To rise to the level of 600,000 means to reach the complete revelation of the upper force, the Creator.

I hope that we will attain it because we have all the prerequisites for that. At least we are doing everything that is in our power. The whole world also needs what we are doing, and it is thanks to this that we receive support from Above. We succeed not because we are so special and talented, but because the world needs a group that will lead it forward.
From the Sunday Virtual Lesson Series 11/20/2011

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