One Works – All Receive

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: How do I come to terms with my friend being rewarded for my work?

Answer: If my action is for the sake of bestowal, I work and find pleasure in the actual work. And I want to pass the fulfillment to someone else.

But there is a subtlety because when I feel that I will profit from my work, the reward does not concern me. It is the same as telling a small child: “You will receive ten dollars for assembling all these blocks.” He does not understand what ten dollars is, but he enjoys assembling blocks! For this reason, the ten dollars that you find so valuable are not a reward for him.

It follows that when I draw more pleasure from the work than the payment for it, the actual work becomes my reward, and the previous reward loses its meaning. In other words, I simply replace one payment with another. So is this what we refer to when it comes to spiritual work?

We are referring to a reward that I really want, and my work is not a pleasure for me, but actual hard work. Yet I overcome myself with the help of the force of the Light I have received in order to prefer work regardless of everything and to pass the reward to others. Without overcoming this, I will simply be replacing one egoistic fulfillment with another.

Either I am a messenger running to deliver a letter, or I am a runner who runs for pleasure. Do you feel the difference? The main thing is for the resistance, for the opposing force not to disappear but instead, to increase. We increase the strength of our bestowal and reveal the Light specifically through using it.

NRNHY is the Light of bestowal, which is revealed specifically over the action of overcoming. Otherwise it has nowhere to be revealed. It is like electricity, which manifests through opposition, and then power can be received from it.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 11/3/2011, Writings of Rabash

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  1. Isn’t everyone, including the other students in the lectures looking to study because they want everyone else to enjoy it as well? I understand there is egoism in people but isn’t it safe to say that people who try to understand Kabbalah are there for everyone else or is this a wrong assumption to make, to assume that everyone else I see is caring and looking out for one anohter?

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