Even The Sky Is Not The Limit

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe economy is the most important area for a person. Indeed, it is an imprint, a reflection of all other areas of life. It is impossible to build a correct economy if we don’t take into account education, family relations, and the mood of a nation. All these areas impact the economy.

It is similar to a spiritual union (Zivug) through which the spiritual Partzuf fills itself. Everything is included in this union: all desires, all thoughts, all properties, and all interactions between everyone. All of it together comes into contact with the Light, with fulfillment. This is what the correct economy means!

In our usual economy, we sever some small part and deal with it—we are simply unable to make a correct global calculation. Although I have heard that already there are attempts to move from simple numbers and formulas to different evaluations that take into account the human factor.

However, the correct economy for me is “coupling while striking” (Zivug de Hakaa) where you manage to receive the optimal fulfillment for your current state, and the way for reaching an even greater and greater fulfillment is open before you. Like during a spiritual elevation, you will never lose or make a mistake, you will never end up in a crisis.

New “empty areas,” the opportunities for fulfillment, will be opening for you. Essentially, this is exactly what humanity is dreaming about. We want each time to have new opportunities for greater fulfillment, to fill ourselves infinitely, without any limits. As they say: “Even the sky is not the limit.”
From the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 10/9/2011, Writings of Rabash

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