Not Just Like Nuts In A Bag

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: When there is a disaster or a war, people unite and help each other, they take in people who are hurt, and it’s as if there is mutual guarantee between us. How can we explain that mutual guarantee should simply be between us and not against some third party?

Answer: I think that now our interdependence will be revealed not because some disaster unites us. In the past we felt our mutual guarantee under the pressure of threats around us, and so we clung together, like nuts in a bag. We didn’t want to unite, but the bag held us together, and as we had no other choice, we had to exist inside one bag.

Today things are different. Today we are facing nature, the upper force, and not some corporeal enemy that surrounds us and can be killed and destroyed. Nature shows me that I depend on and am tied to everyone else. If I just lived next to some enemy, it wouldn’t be a problem. The point is that I am totally dependent on him. I am so dependent on him that I can do him no harm. As I harm him with my hatred, I inflict harm upon myself.

A system of interdependence is being revealed to us everywhere in the world and with regards to everything. In every situation that I cause someone harm, I harm myself in return. This is how the general integral system is revealed. Essentially, every person in the world is part of me, and through him I feel all the evil that comes back to me.

Doesn’t Germany want to dump Greece or to be cut off from it? But it can’t! They can’t just “cut off” Greece, Italy, or Spain because there is already a connection that makes them dependent on everyone. You can’t just hate others because by your hate you are simply “shooting yourself in the foot.”

This is unprecedented, and so everyone feels so helpless not knowing what to do: “I hate his guts, but I can’t even touch him because of the blow that will immediately come back to me.” We can’t “fix” the situation by breaking up our connections. It is impossible!

If I harm someone, the harm will come back to me in much greater magnitude than if I harmed myself. It’s also the same in the opposite direction: If I do good for others, the goodness comes back to me 613 times more compared to the starting point, meaning instead of Nefesh of Nefesh, I receive the Light of NRNHY.

So I shouldn’t say or think evil things about anyone, not even half a word. It’s better to curse myself. This will become clear to everyone. This is how globalization will oblige us to change.

To reach this by ourselves, we will have to go through a long way of suffering, while the wisdom of Kabbalah reveals this to us much more quickly.
From Lesson 1 at Arava Convention 10/27/2011

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