Connection Attracts Light, Separation Darkness

Dr. Michael LaitmanStarting back with the four phases of the Direct Light, Bina divides into two parts: the first part wants to bestow, and the second part decides that in order to bestow, it must receive. And then it creates Zeir Anpin, destined to receive for the sake of bestowal. The action of ZON (Zeir Anpin and Nukva), which come out of Bina, is essentially the realization of Bina’s bestowal.

This is why we, the creatures, are the Creator’s action. We pertain to ZON, and the Creator pertains to the upper one, Bina. In the worlds, this manifests in the Partzuf of Arich Anpin whose Keter and Hochma remain in its head, and Bina comes out of it and descends into the body. As a result, all spiritual degrees divide the same way into Galgalta ve Eynaim and AHP, separated by a precise border.

When we connect AHP to us, we merit for Arich Anpin to begin working with us and to give us the Light of Hochma (Wisdom), the Light of spiritual life, in addition to the Light of Hassadim (Mercy), which comes in response to our desire to connect between us.

We only need to ask for connection. The problem is that we become lost in a multitude of made up desires. But from all these useless desires we only need to select one important and truly eternal demand that brings us to the eternal purpose, and not some temporary impulses that arise in us along the way and throw us in different directions we immediately forget about.

The only demand is the desire to connect. After all, initially we were united in our perfect state, but it broke, and we found ourselves separated. What else can we demand from this broken state to attain eternity? Only connection!

We are not able to connect independently, but only with the help of the Light of AB-SAG that will evaluate and correct our desires. But we must start this action on our own, in other words, try to connect and find out what we can do with our own powers and which part is left for the Light.

There is no other purpose in our world but connection. This is why nothing but unity will help with the crisis that is now being revealed. It is the result of the borderline that has appeared between us, our breaking.

And all other actions will indirectly bring us to the realization of the truth that the only thing we need is connection. But the dissemination of this knowledge will help us to shorten the path towards realization, to reveal the true need faster, and to suffer and wonder on this path less.
From the 3rd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 10/23/2011, TES

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