Looking For The Mysterious Unknown

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn order to imagine what is love of friends and the Creator, we have to detach from this entire world and from ourselves, as if nothing exists besides one force. It’s as if there is no one observing it, seeing it, or feeling it. And this force has a goal: to create something equal to itself.

We do not know why this thought suddenly emerged. This occurred even before the first action occurred, aimed at our creation. We do not attain what preceded this. This is a boundary in our attainment because it takes place in our vessels—desires that did not exist before. We begin from the plan to delight the creatures—the program and thought contained in this single upper force, which decided, “I want to create creatures that are equal to me in order to delight them.”

That is how the upper force begins to implement the program, to create creatures and promote them to bring them to its own height. That is, the form of creation was set initially and must be the same as the form of the Creator. There is no creation without the Creator or Creator without creation. One exists opposite the other.

This condition of equality to one another determines the entire process. It’s like a mathematical equation where the unknown that is being sought out exists by itself, but it has to be equal to the upper force, its eternity, perfection, understanding, sensation, and qualities—to everything that is present in the Creator.

We do not know the Creator’s qualities exactly. We only know that creation must replicate them while remaining a separate creation. That is, in the end there is the Creator – #1, and the creation – #2. This is the difference between them: The Creator is first, and creation is second, but this does not get in the way of their equality.

According to this condition, the universe begins to develop like by a mathematical formula. We have to observe the condition that creation exists independently, having its own understanding, attainment, and sensation of itself, its freedom of choice—everything that belongs to the notion of “I.” And at the same time, this “I” must be completely equal to the Creator.

After that, this condition begins to come to life, like a person who planned to build a house and imagines its future form, and then begins to implement it: to build a detailed plan, to create the specifications, to determine the number of necessary materials and people who will work on it. But all of this results from the final form, which already exists in the Creator. And a lower form exists only in the creation for the time being, which is why it has to go through various changes.

These changes do not take place in creation itself, but in its consciousness, understanding, and perception of itself: who it is in relation to the Creator.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 11/30/11, Writings of Rabash

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