World Economic Forum, Global Risks 2011 Report

Report: Global Risks 2011. The Risks Interconnection Map illustrates the interconnections between the following factors: liquidity/credit crunch, slowing Chinese economy, retrenchment from globalization, global imbalances and currency volatility, asset price collapse, extreme commodity price volatility, extreme energy price volatility, fiscal crisis, extreme consumer price volatility, regulatory failures, illicit trade, corruption, organized crime, fragile states, terrorism, geopolitical conflict, global governance failure, weapons of mass destruction, space security, online data information security, critical information infrastructure breakdown, treats from new technology, infrastructure fragility, economic disparity, demographic challenges, migration, food security, water security, infectious diseases, chronic diseases, climate changes, biodiversity loss, air pollution, flooding, storms and cyclones, ocean governance, and earthquakes and volcanic eruptions.

Risk Interconnection Map


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