What Will The Transition Be Like?

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: We are at the threshold of a new state. Will the transition to it happen smoothly or will it be accompanied by shocks?

Answer: This is something I cannot foresee because it depends on our free choice. Things can develop in either direction. If we advance correctly, then we will move toward the positive by being attracted to goodness. Otherwise, nature will push us from behind with disasters, which may include a world war.

Let us hope that we will choose the good path. And for that to happen, we have to do “our homework” the best we can. Besides the study, we also have to give what we received by working on dissemination and explaining what is happening to people. We have to create content and place it everywhere, including internet and mass media.

Every person studying the science of Kabbalah has to think about how to pass it on. We have to understand how horrible it would be to have this opportunity but not to realize it.
From the New York lecture #1, 9/11/11

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  1. Hello:) I just wanted to say I missed the World Kli! Lechaim♥

  2. I have a lot of competitive people around me who make good money doing it. And, I don’t mean this to be disrespectful in any way when I mention this. But, I hear every day complaints and how things are not working out. How they aren’t getting this or that from someone or something. Why can’t they have more. Why won’t this person do this for me. I hear this every single day. I’m not complaining, but I tried to tell others that they need to think instead of how they can give instead of what they want and what they aren’t getting. Instead, I get the response “well, then I don’t get anything, and if I do that then people will just take advantage of and walk all over you. you know that” Oy. This is the same problem I run into all the time with everyone of every income background. Doesn’t matter how much they are or are not making, they are always constantly thinking of themselves and all their problems are what I’m not getting, what someone isn’t doing for me, how come I don’t have what others have. So, I think this is one of the bigger problems of dissemination. It’s that leap of faith above reason that is really hard to get over for some. I guess it’s just this way. But I don’t mind trying to explain this stuff anyway, especially if it’s going to possibly get someone else to feel better or have a better life.

  3. Lets us bestow in such a way and with so much love that the peoples own hearts and thoughts can stand before their own eyes with all blemmishes washed away in our love for them.
    In that way we will teach them to do likewise as it cuts into their own reality and as they taste their own beauty.
    Naturally where there is beauty it automatically wants to be shared.
    It is there already, just give it water.
    The amount of unselfish love you choose to share is only a measue of who you actually are, that which you share with The Creator.

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