What About The Authorities?

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: As the crisis in the USA gets worse, people are delegating more and more authority to the government. What can be done before the authorities suppress everything from above?

Answer: I don’t think that the authorities will stop people from moving toward unification, love, and good relationships. Besides, we are working on dissemination armed with the opinion of scientists and experts in various fields who confirm that the global, integral world requires precisely this from us. So who can be opposed to this?

Who can possibly object to equal, mutual unification, to concern that aims to ensure that no one in the country goes hungry, and that the poor have at least minimal work? People have to be taught about life in the new, global state, and I don’t see why anyone would oppose this. Therefore, there is nothing to fear.

At the end of the day, the government views any activity negatively. It likes it when everyone acts like slaves. That is how the government is in every country. Therefore, you should only take into consideration the people who come, hear, and participate in dissemination work.
From the  New York lecture #2, 9/12/11

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One Comment

  1. The tip of the pyramid can not stay above without the base, and it is crumbling from beneath. What we do will allow them to continue to exist, and thus, they are actually our allies. The only ones who are really opposed are the blind, stupid, and arrogant. The vampires who thirst for blood without reason. It is simply because all they have to guide them is their hunger that they feel this way. If they knew the truth of how dangerous the situation is, how flimsy their tower, they would help as well.

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