Unity As The Method Of Solving The Crisis, Part 6

Dr. Michael LaitmanOpinion: (Pascal Lamy, the Director-General of the World Trade Organization, a French political advisor): “‘The real challenge today is to change our way of thinking—not just our systems, institutions or policies. We need the imagination to grasp the immense promise—and challenge—of the interconnected world we have created. The future lies with more globalization, not less—more co-operation, more interaction between peoples and cultures, an even greater sharing of responsibilities and interests. It is ‘unity in our global diversity.’”

My Comment: That is right, “unity in our global diversity,” meaning to rise above everything that divides us, and unification above our differences, not canceling them, but  unifying above them. In other words, egoism is not destroyed; reciprocity, even love, is built above it. The allegory is the ascent to Mount Sinai—above hatred, as it is said: “Love will cover all sins.”

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  1. I think also too, that love covering all sins can mean that someone can hate and have a problem with you, but it doesn’t matter, because your intention is completely different from theirs. Or, in other words, egoistic actions have nothing to do with spiritual goals of another person. So, egoism/hatred doesn’t really affect spirituality in another because they don’t have anything to do with each other. Which is why in spirituality in love or hate that others have or in situations that seem good or bad, spirituality is constant/consistent and stable and doesn’t go up and down with it. In this way, I think that love covers all sins/ups and downs.

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