The Destabilization Of Regimes Or The Revolution Business

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn the News (From “The government of Israel and the ruling coalition will greatly regret their refusal to support the initiative to investigate the sources and the purpose of funding the Israeli extra-parliamentary movements and organizations.

“A journalistic investigation has been published on YouTube…, and it is extremely critical for Israel.”

My Comment: We, Kabbalists, should not pay attention to these “revolutionaries.” We can point them out to the people, but through them, we see the Creator Who arranges everything so that, thanks to our “enemies,” we aim ourselves correctly at Him and unite in mutual guarantee instead of bickering with the “students.”

Of course, the “revolutionaries” will not accept the idea of unity because they have been paid for creating separation and anarchy, but this will help us unite, and the forces evoked by our unity will change the world.

We recommend watching: The Revolution Business.

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