Questions On The Zohar And Spiritual Life In A Desert

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: In the post “It Takes Preparation To Tune Into The Book Of Zohar” you wrote that “The Zohar is not revealed unless studied in a group. It’s impossible to study The Zohar alone because The Zohar was written by a group of Kabbalists who formed a complete Kli. All of the ten authors of The Zohar formed a complete Kli, the ten fundamental Sefirot. Each one of them represents a specific Sefira, a unique force that the Creator created as a complete Kli.”

Does listening to and reading The Zohar alone also attract the Surrounding Light?

Answer: Any contact with the text, even if you simply read it not knowing how to attract upon yourself its influence (see “Introduction to TES,” Item 154), nevertheless works on you but to a lesser extent. We always strive for the maximum effect of correction, and this is achieved either virtually or in a physical group.

Question: I live in the desert of California. There are no Kabbalah groups to study with out here. I do not want to give up the study of Kabbalah. It found me when I was empty and deeply yearning for answers and God. So much has been given so far, but what am I to do? It is said I must study with a group. I only have my books, the web, and this bothersome yearning inside. What can I do? To stop my study is as to say to a thirsty man, you have had a cup of water, now forget drinking here; go back into the desert and die. Please help.

Answer: I assure you that a virtual connection with us during the lessons and a physical presence at the conventions in the U.S. will suffice for your spiritual progress!

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  1. This question of a “spiritual life in the desert” is of essence to me at this moment also.
    The desert can be one in Arizona, Sinai, the Sahara or any other, as I understand it.
    But, the “inner desert is also one as true as the any one to be found on this earth. It is the connection, it seems, to the “Upper World” and being in the desert of the heart that simply bring one into the Presence, fully alive, receiving and bestowing in the aspect of “unknowing”.
    I always try to remember that there is water hidden somewhere in the desert, an Oasis waiting to be found. So am I like a camel (lamed) traversing, nose sensing where water is to be found.
    Didn’t Moses strike the rock so that water flow for the people? So, though I am alone in the dryness of inner desert, I trust that my connection to the whole body at the heart of my existence will sustain me.
    Please expound, dear RAV on this “CONNECTION” that seems to be most essential today in our “technological deserts!”

  2. Dear RAV,
    The more that I think about thin “inner deart of the heart”, the more I realize that forgetfulness of G_D is the great obstacles in the trek towards the “OASIS” The water I seek is perhaps as much the water of the tears of repentence as that of the spiritual water that quesches all thirst. This remembrance of G_D at all times of night or day; a remembrance that goes deeper and deeper with each breath and with each heartbeat. It seems to be Love in search of an Eternal LOVE! “My heart is ready, Lord, my heart is ready!”


  3. To be in “Communion with!”

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