Questions About Choosing A Spiritual Teacher And A Partner

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: I decided to write to ask you to help me like a “haver” (friend). I’ve studied now with BB for seven years and have attended several congresses. Approximately just before the last congress, another (Kabbalah) “teacher” suddenly came into my life.

I listen both to you and the other teacher. How do I and others who might be in the same situation (inner struggle) deal with this? Whom do I truly believe? Which one should I choose? Both, so to speak, “speak to me,” although perhaps on different “levels.” Would you be ever so kind to possibly help me and others that might be living in this reality?

Answer: One should learn where his heart desires. Therefore, I advise you to listen to yourself, but namely to yourself. A teacher is he who uses the primary sources to teach you how to master the property (intention) of love and bestowal.

Question: I’m a student of Kabbalah for maybe four years, and you are my teacher from the beginning. I want to marry a girl whom I knew before I found the wisdom, and she is a Sufi with a Sufi spiritual teacher.

The problem is that from the beginning we had these differences: I was a Salafi Muslim and she is a Sufi Muslim. Our faiths, cultures, and our way of thinking are different. But what kept me with her is her altruistic attitude to people.

At first I wanted to leave her, but then I started working on the differences between us and realized how much pain is caused by my ego. And now I don’t know what to do: Marrying her is like slaughtering my ego, but what will it give me? Can you please help me sort out my thoughts?

Answer: I would nevertheless ask my teacher!

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  1. One of our greatest challenges is realizing that all these ‘languages’ are actually speaking about the same thing. Separating water from water is not necessary and results in sadness and hatred when we think one is better or worse than the other.

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