No One Will Help Us But Us!

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn our days, there is no big difference between working in the group and all of humanity, individual and collective work since a common network has become revealed. In the past, groups of Kabbalists worked in hiding, separated from everyone else. They did not show themselves because it was forbidden to reveal Kabbalah and explain its purpose before the actual network of common connections becomes revealed and the need for a method of correction arises.

This is why Kabbalists kept quiet. But since the moment this network started revealing itself, the situation has become cardinally opposite, and we must divulge this wisdom.

Kabbalists predicted this even before this network became revealed to the world. Almost one hundred years ago, Baal HaSulam started telling the world about the need to reveal the wisdom of Kabbalah. He thought that the world should prepare ahead of time for the revelation of connections to avoid going through wars and suffering we have experienced in the past century.

Humanity experienced more killings and suffering in the twentieth century than in the entire history of humankind. And of course it was possible to go through all these corrections in a different form. But so far, the corrections the upper one performs remain within Him, and we do not know about them or see them with our own eyes. We do not have the means to see the corrections we have attained at the cost of such great suffering.

Even though this was a correction, but its form was undesirable since it donned on us under the pressure from Above and against our own desire. In Kabbalah this relationship is called “Achor Be Achor” (back to back). But we need to come to a complete agreement and turn “face to face” with one another (Panim Be Panim).

After all, one way or another, we always advance, but it happens in an undesired way. But now, after Kabbalah has come out into light, humanity can prepare itself for the revelation of the network that connects us through an integrated, global upbringing and mutual guarantee, that is, through the proper connection between us.

And when we prepare for this revelation, we will welcome it as good, and we will perceive it as a common field blessed by the Creator, and not as a life full of danger and threats. Everything only depends on our vessel, which must precede the Light.

You will feel that this field of mutual connections is blessed by the Creator because you yourself will want to bless it! You will think that every new revelation benefits you because it brings you closer to general bestowal, mutual guarantee!

Whatever happened needed to happen. We neither erred nor made wrong moves—everything happened according to the Creator’s desire that became revealed this way. We should not regret anything in the past, even the most painful events that are very difficult to accept: “There is none else beside Him.”

But from today on, we need to see that everything depends on us, and “no one will help us but us!”
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 8/30/2011, Shamati #110

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