Kabbalah Circulation: Simply And To The Point

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: How can we ensure that our circulation is not met with antagonism?

Answer: The approach is simple. First of all, we circulate the knowledge about the crisis without frightening people, but showing them the real situation.

And the situation is that we are opposite to global, integral nature. We know from biology, zoology, cybernetics, physics, astrophysics, and other disciplines that nature is global and all its parts are interconnected; they all are in homeostasis, balance, and harmony. All, except man.

Man was intentionally directed to the egoistic path of development that lasted until our time. And now we find ourselves in the crisis with regard to nature. In its development, human society became a global system and came into direct conflict with nature.


Existing inside nature, we are opposite to it. This is the core of the crisis: We do not correspond to nature. And until we reach accord with it, we will feel bad. This is what happens during any change of parameters be it temperature, pressure, or anything else. Hence, by not adapting to the environment, we experience crisis.

This shows what can be done, how human society can correspond to nature. This correspondence means that we have to be connected harmoniously between ourselves and with nature. Harmony demands of us to receive and give in a balanced way. After all, only two forces act in nature: reception and bestowal.

If we implement this approach both in human society and also in relation to the outside world, our life will be good. Thousands of scientific articles attest to it. We only need to show and explain it to people. We don’t say anything from ourselves; we merely organize the materials and present them: “Look, this is what constitutes our problem. Economists, scientists, and sociologists talk about it. So let us find a remedy according to their diagnosis. Let us cure ourselves.”

We do not employ the wisdom of Kabbalah or religion in our explanations. We only present the available scientific data correctly and bring it to people.

This raises a question: How do we correct our interrelationships—how to correct man? In response, we explain what’s described in Baal HaSulam’s article “The Freedom” and other materials: Man is a result of the environment, and hence, we need to change the environment so that it affects everybody in a different way. We have to artificially, using games, create among ourselves the correct environment.

The influence of the environment that I build transforms me. Yes, I play, I pretend; in reality I have no desire to be nice and responsive. Yet, I created a big environment that influences me in different ways, and thanks to this I change.

This is what we have to do, similar to how children grow. By building the environment and feeling changes in myself, I get to know my nature and Nature in general. I become wise, like the Creator, and raise myself to His degree. This is our goal: not to solve the crisis and have a good life in our world, but to raise ourselves to the next degree by correcting the crisis.
From the New York lecture #1, 9/11/11

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  1. I agree the analysis.
    Our universities also created many articficial worlds – fragmented disciplinary approaches to humanity , life ,
    We need to reform our educational system. The university again becoming the ‘University Universitarum”
    Feel, study, act in a holistic way . Is that path not bringing us to the higher – you try to bring by opening the Kaballah to all mankind ?

  2. This is the only way I want to explain things to others. Even friends, I prefer relying on facts to support my arguments. Otherwise, it’s not convincing and weak. Another problem I run into, is that I prefer facts and the truth, and there are people out there who hate specifically because of that. They don’t like facts, in fact, when the facts are before them they become more hateful because they don’t want to be wrong. They take it personally. Fortunately, most people are reasonable enough to be willing to look at facts. But there are those who actually hate them.

    Also, it seems that if we are just focused on the crisis and having a good life, then we aren’t busy trying to improve ourselves spiritually and we can’t be doing two things at once. Either we are working towards raising ourselves above reason or we are doing something else.

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