It’s Easy For Us To Return

Dr. Michael LaitmanConsidering the world’s current state, our advancement will be quick. You can see by the news how quickly things accelerate. We will pass through this period quickly since the world also needs us to advance. This is why we must exert all our efforts to keep on our path and not stray off it.

Today the work we do locally and mass dissemination are extremely important. If you establish a connection with someone so as to bestow to them, all the necessary phases will flow through you quickly. I’m addressing all of our groups in Israel and strongly recommend for everyone to engage in dissemination work. This is what Baal HaSulam and all Kabbalists write about. Even without them we see that there is no other way. This is the only way we can reveal the upper reality.

The correction of 613 desires from reception to bestowal is our work. Everything else is a cover, customs that were necessary in the period of the exile. However, the actual method we had applied initially is inner correction. We applied it until we had fallen from the degree of brotherly love into unfounded hatred in the time of Rabbi Akiva. We have the Reshimot, spiritual genes, that have remained in us since those times, and it’s easy for us to return.

This is why we are presented with demands; this is why the whole world is pressuring us. They don’t even know what it is, but they feel that the problem lies precisely in us. Therefore, we need to act as fast as possible for this is how we can avert all the troubles coming to us. Our neighbors will come to our aid instead of bombarding us with rockets. That is exactly how things will go, and the Kabbalists write about it. In essence, our enemies are matched up to help us by pressuring us to reflect on life.

We must remember that everything comes from one Force, that there is none else beside Him. And we must react to what’s happening accordingly. What’s the use in shouting and bickering? Where is the correction in it? Our only correction is to unite and become “the light for the nations,” to light the way for the entire world toward correction.

Today the whole world is helpless, and the brightest minds don’t know what to do. Namely today our time has come. Upon completing our work, we will merit universal respect and gratitude. Hence, we must disseminate more, explain more, and lead by example. We are entering a period of practical Kabbalah, the entire essence of which is the correction of humanity.
From the 5th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 9/9/2011, “The Nation”

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  1. What we were seeking the entire time is meaning, purpose, why? Because this why is the basis of everything we do, without it, we collapse into the previous best program, which is self focused survival, the previous episode of meaning, the previous unity. Every child has it naturally ‘WHY?’, it annoys adults. If it can be explained clearly, with the ego in check, we will speak the truth, and the truth will bring such power and light to everyone that love will become the most powerful force. Keep in mind that for this to work, the person has to discover it on their own. Give them the puzzle pieces, and encouragement. We can not give this meaning to them directly like an answer, they have to discover it, as the particular piece and spark is based on their life, and no one else can do it for them. But, with light and water, all plants will grow, even the stone from whence they came. In order to hold on to religion, a multi chromatic approach is needed. Bring a child to many places, and ask them what they think and feel? You’ll be surprised.

    The benevolence or vileness of a person is based on this comprehension of purpose, whether they realize it or not. Many benevolent people already have this growing in them, and that is why they seek. Children naturally have the seed, do not destroy the plants in the garden. Nourish them with water (correction) and light (joyous truth). Also, nourish the garden within you, for there are many plants that await the light and water that exists at your command, lord of your personal inner world, if you would but invoke it. Many skills and abilities are sleeping in Eden.

    The challenge is realizing how utterly powerful purpose is, and making sure we do not give in to how much others can be controlled by it. This is the entire failure that lead to religion. Our stomachs high-jacked us our of fear and ignorance, leading us to try to dominate others without even realizing it. Speak truth, with the correct intention in mind. The truth shields us from this evil, for the truth is that we are all in this together, all alphas and omegas in our own right. The old way of biological selection has ended. No more are we evolving the bodies. The group is now the focus of evolution, and to the extent of our unification, all will be solved.

    Evilution, the development by pain and suffering (evil) must end. Loveution (: begins now. It is all evolution, progress, movement towards the upper. This is our purpose, to grow and live! To truly live! Armed with purpose, we can cycle upwards towards higher and higher unities (into outer space after worldwide) without ever forgetting again!

    The cells did it, without even knowing. Imagine how quickly, and how completely we can achieve this, because we actually do know the truth and purpose. It is fractal like, and thus applies to all scales, all people, all cells, all worlds.

    To life!

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