Italy’s General Strike Over Austerity

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn the News (from “Italy’s largest trade union confederation on Tuesday called a one-day general strike for Sept. 6 in protest against a government austerity plan it described as ‘unfair and wrong.’

“The strike call, though widely expected, is another blow for Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi, whose popularity has plunged in recent months and who was forced by the European Central Bank to adopt the 45 billion euro austerity package.

“The left-wing union criticised the package over cuts to local and central government, plans to liberalise labour contracts and a lack of measures to tackle tax evasion.”

My Comment: Perhaps such pressures will force the government to look for a solution instead of a lame excuse and to consider our opinion: to see in what is happening a tendency toward mutual guarantee, which should be taught to the nation. Only such connection between us will re-build social and economic relationships, and we will not only come out of the crisis, but will rise to the form of a perfect society.

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