Harmful Opinion

Dr. Michael LaitmanOpinion: (Jyrki Katainen, Prime Minister of Finland): “Europe is falling behind the emerging economies. Growth calls for structural economic change and a well-functioning, Europe-wide internal market.

“Finland wants a European Union in which each country takes care of its own public finances.

“On an exceptional basis, we have had to help the countries in crisis, Ireland, Greece and Portugal. This has been necessary in order to avoid economic paralysis throughout the euro area. But loans to help other Member States must be the exception – a rare exception – and never the rule. In the first and last instance, each country is responsible for its own economy.”

My Comment: This attitude will lead the European Union to total economic collapse and as a result, to war. In our time, when the universal interdependence is being revealed, we need to serve as a guarantor for each other. To play “against” means to harm ourselves.

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