Crisis: Connection Through An Explosion

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: During the breaking, how did it happen that the upper one knew that the creature was going to break, but still responded to its request?

Answer: Of course, the upper one knew, He Himself arranged the breaking! Otherwise, how would Malchut connect with Bina if it were not for the breaking?

When people speak of the current crisis, they also refer to it as some kind of breaking (the word “crisis” comes from the same root). But this is not correct. A crisis is the creation of a connection between two qualities that cannot connect any other way.

In technology, we often use this method of connection, when the defensive forces of some material need to be destroyed in order to connect it to another material. This method is used to weld metals, incorporate one into the other. When things cannot connect, we thus destroy their defensive forces, the boundaries between them, and force them to connect, enter one another. This becomes possible through their breaking, forcefully, through an explosion.

It might seem strange why we would need to blow up and break things, but we do not break them; on the contrary, we achieve a connection. And it will be impossible for us to connect with one another if each one of us does not break his defensive barrier. After all, the force of egoism, the force of the desire to receive pleasure, which exists in all matter, will never allow anyone else to enter its territory. This is why we need to use a special force against it, which would break its boundaries, in order to introduce a second material, a second quality within, like an unwelcome guest.

This is what happens during the breaking with Bina and Malchut. But if Malchut never receives the quality of Bina, it will not be able to correct itself. And it is not able to receive the qualities of Bina because it has put restrictions on itself, defensive screens—it does not wish to receive anything. It needs to be broken in by force! It will never agree to do it on its own.

It will not agree to break and receive for its own sake. Yet, without the revelation of egoistic reception, it is impossible to reveal Malchut’s true qualities that are opposite to bestowal and do not allow it to attain it.

This is why the breaking was arranged from Above. We call it so, but in reality, it is the connection of Malchut and Bina because as soon as it happens, the qualities of mercy and justice intermix.

At the end, we get Bina and Malchut, which are tightly connected with each other, but broken. This also is an attainment because even though they feel distanced from the Creator, they have an ability to correct this distance because they are connected!

It follows that the breaking is a great correction in the building of a vessel. It is impossible for us to attain continuation or any correction without this intermediate state. This is why we need to see a turning point, a point of “bifurcation,” in the current crisis—a possibility for a sharp turn into a completely new state.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 9/4/2011, Preface to the Wisdom of Kabbalah

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