Aspire To Reveal Perfection

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Do you or your teacher or any Kabbalist think perhaps it is wiser and easier to wipe out this creation and somehow construct a new and better one that is closer to and can humbly live in nature? One way or the other, this world, as it is, is going to an end through bloodshed and destruction.

Perhaps, Hitler was on the right path of a new human creation, but the benchmark and means to that end were obviously inhumane. Yet when was the breaking of human civilization through the next level ever humane?

Is there really hope for this species to survive, facing uncontrollable natural disasters, famine, financial crisis, mental and physical disease, broken relationships, and the lots of ego maniac manifestations dressing up as “democracy”? It is hell on Earth and no one is giving an inch to love another as himself. Wipe out for new creation—is it not a realistic hope for the next level?

Answer: When you reveal the entire map of creation, you will discover that everything was created perfect and for our good. And meanwhile, aspire to this revelation constantly!

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  1. I guess I also see that this person is making the mistake of not seeing the opportunity to get along with others when they are not. In a good sense, there was no bad in this situation because I could do what they could not do and take the opportunity to get along with him. Or, do the opposite of the egoistic world and beliefs and ways of solving problems. If I had gone that way, it would have just fed into the cycle of hatred.

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