A Question On Kabbalah Centre And Amulets

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: I first became familiar with Kabbalah through the Kabbalah Centre. I have a set of The Zohar translated into English by Michael Berg. I really enjoy your site and receive your email, but recently I saw a video on your site that says, “no red strings.” Do you stand apart from the Kabbalah Centre in Los Angeles (the Bergs) and if so, what is the difference between your information and theirs? Also The Zohar I have, do you feel Michael Berg’s interpretations are accurate?

Answer: There are many organizations that study Kabbalah. If you study authentic materials of Baal HaSulam with the intent to rise above your ego, not for the sake of health, business success, or prediction of the future, but to achieve a modest existence in this corporeal life and come to the complete bestowal of everything to people, you’re in the right place.

Nowhere in Kabbalah will you find information about amulets being a method of egoism’s correction, and the ARI criticizes them. How can money buy the future, if all of Kabbalah is the method of correcting egoism?

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  1. Thanks. I don’t believe in amulets either, but how about the set of Zohar translated in English. I have a set and want to know what you think of them.

  2. Marcy,

    Most of us study the Zohar in a group as we focus on connection during the study. The translations are posted online for free at


    I’m not familiar with your set of the Zohar, but if your asking if they are authentic, you’ll have to consider the source of the translation.

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