Why Are You Rightist, Mr. Laitman?

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Since recently, I was surprised to find out that you are rightist! How can you explain your digression?

Answer: I do not digress from anything or anyone. I have my own line, and it has nothing to do with conventional political lines. I measure everything only by the effectiveness of one or the other action with respect to the correction of the world.

To correct the world, we need a strong Israel, and therefore, I am for it. (See the article “Introduction to The Book of Zohar,” Item 60 until the end of the article). Neither I nor our organization has any connection with any party or political movement. We do not desire to limit ourselves.

We have only one obligation: to provide the world with the method of correction and to show an example of its realization. As all the Kabbalists write, this is possible only from Israel outwards. That is why we are so obviously against all the forces that threaten the very existence of Israel as the center and source of correction. As Baal HaSulam writes, the Light of correction will flow to the nations only through Israel that corrects itself.

Therefore, we, Kabbalists, are in favor of its existence. Moreover, the opponents of this destroy themselves, and their decline is predetermined because of their attitude towards Israel.

Since all the correction of the world depends on the realization of connection between people, bringing the world to one global and integral whole (as it was before the breaking of the soul into separate souls), then everything that is against integration, everything that separates us is against the tendency of nature, its plan to bring the world to balance with it. That is why Kabbalah is only for unity above all differences.

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  1. I agree. I think that the “differences” we feel among each other were created throughout history when we got further and further from the origin of spirituality and our corrected state. We can see this when we ask ourselves how we got to this state in mankind where we hate each other this way. I also think that, most of human nature, hates it when they see someone else is right and they are not. This not only happens between countries and Israel, but even amongst themselves within those countries. People just hate it when someone else is correct and they are not. I think this comes from them loving the correction and not having it themselves. Becuase they really do love it. Otherwise, why would they care in the first place? Someone who doesn’t hate doesn’t even bother to care, because they don’t love something that much. Hatred isn’t love, but underneath their hatred, it is driven by their love to obtain a correction or something else. It’s wanting to be like those qualities or have those characteristics. Anyway, just my thoughts on that.

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