Everything Is Achieved In Unity

The “Mutual Guarantee” movement participated in a mass rally “For Social Justice” that took place last Saturday in Tel Aviv.

Today it is obvious that “social justice” is not so much a political, but a humanistic task shared by all of humanity, and it can be achieved first and foremost by virtue of a mutual guarantee, unification of the entire society.
This is the idea we carried into the masses: urging them to put mutual guarantee above all differences. Otherwise, instead of uniting, we are destroying our own home. Real unity is above politics; a true alliance is reached in the hearts.
We tried to convey this message in our banners and speeches.
And when all participants sang “Hineh Ma Tov Ve Ma Naim,” a song of brothers who unite above hatred in love, perhaps at that moment, a mutual guarantee was not just empty words for us.


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  1. Pretty song! I can tell it is beautiful even if I don’t understand the language :-)!

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