Top British Scientist: “The World We See Is Make-Believe”

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn the News (from “The human brain creates its own version of reality, and the world we see around us is mostly make-believe, according to a top British scientist [Bruce Hood, Ph.D.]….

“’A lot of the world is make-believe. We’re only aware of a fraction of what’s going on,’ Prof. Hood told The (London) Times. ‘We have this impression of an expansive panorama in front of our eyes, but all we are ever seeing is an area the size of our thumbs at an arm’s distance. The rest is filled in, as the brain creates a stable environment.’

“He added, ‘Though you might think you’re an individual and captain of your ship, a lot of processes are being controlled by those around you and your environment’….

“‘One thing I guarantee is that I will leave the audience wondering if they can ever trust their brain again,’ he said.”

My Comment: Kabbalah says that we live in an imaginary world painted by our egoistic properties. If we acquire the higher properties, opposite to egoism, we will feel the true, upper, external, and eternal world and begin to exist in the newly acquired properties forever as well (see “Perception” section).

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  1. In his 2004 book THE ROAD TO REALITY, another British scientist — Roger Penrose — comes much closer still to Rav’s words above. He points out as one of the most amazing implication of everything that we know about quantum mechanics — and one that has generally been ignored by the scientific community probably for a lack of any means to even begin dealing with it — is the fact that “entanglement” — the unification of what we see as two separate particles in space — is not a rare isolated phenomenon. Rather, at any given instant, virtually every particle — i.e., the whole universe — is actually so entangled. So even that “thumb’s view” before our eyes is not the actual reality but rather one that we create in collapsing the unified absolute reality in our sense perception (even in physical terms) according to the vessels of those sense — their (out) desire.

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