The Method Of Integral Connection

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn principle, all of the science of Kabbalah is intended only to show people how to quickly and properly ascend above our egoistic desire, above our egoistic nature, because that nature is very deep, powerful, and terrifying, and it is practically impossible for a person to rise above it. But if man takes this method, Kabbalah, then very gradually, he can nevertheless change himself. And if he doesn’t, then he will be driven to this by suffering.

Therefore, Kabbalah waited for our time when it would be able to become revealed and help people shift from the previous state, in which we existed until recently, into the next state, the future, where we are obligated to be interconnected with one another in a global, integral system. And today, nature is already showing us how global and interconnected it is, and how much its global connections are already starting to penetrate into human society.

Therefore, involuntarily, we already exist in a global, integral connection with one another. But this connection is being lowered upon us from above, not yet having formed inside of us. By ourselves, inside of us, we are still not connected together globally and integrally.

Therefore, in our current life calculations, intentions, actions, changes, values, and aspirations, we do not take into account the common system that we are in, but think only of ourselves as distinct, separate elements. That is where a problem arises because today we can no longer estimate our behavior and actions and their probable consequences while taking only ourselves into consideration. If we do that, we won’t accomplish anything. We have to consider the entire, huge system in which we exist against our will.

Therefore, Kabbalah tells us about how to attain this integral nature so we could communicate with each other properly and correctly estimate our actions so we won’t make mistakes. Otherwise, if we continue operating in the narrow plane of our egoism, without conforming to this system of forces in which we exist, we will constantly experience an ever increasing crisis.

In order to liberate us from this difficult, lengthy, and tragic path, the science of Kabbalah is being revealed in our time, showing us how we can be interconnected with one another, how we can position ourselves correctly in relation to the environment, and how we can estimate our actions correctly in order to truly receive good bestowal from them.

This is equally true for each separate individual, as well as nations, governments, and the whole world. That is to say, the issue at stake is for every one of us and all of humanity as a whole to acquire an inner, integral nature so we could act only based on our sensation of cohesion. Then we will act correctly and nature will always react to our proper actions benevolently.

In order to make all of this come true, the science of Kabbalah is becoming revealed to us.
From the Sunday Virtual Lesson Series 7/31/2011

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