The Whole World Under One Umbrella

Dr. Michael LaitmanBeing a person in this world, I am built to automatically and constantly think about myself: What is most profitable for me to do, and how? That is how the Creator created me, as it is written, “I created the evil origin.” I only reveal this evil more and more and I already understand that I think only about myself, and I decide that this is evil. And that is already a special state.

Now I want to turn it into goodness because I hate that egoism. Goodness means thinking about everything and feeling everything as if it belongs to me. It means relating to everyone as an inseparable part of me.

But if we erase this “as,” then only “I” will remain once again—just a more egoistic I! Suppose I were to suddenly reveal that all the people around me are my children and I love them infinitely, with my entire heart.

What did I accomplish by that? Now I truly treat everyone as myself, but egoistically! After all, I consider them my own. They are the same as me, like my baby.

Therefore, I say, “No! The hatred and separation stay!” And “Love will cover all sins.” Otherwise you won’t have the opposition, the screen, the force of overcoming. What will you overcome? I don’t overcome anything in relation to my baby—I am ready to give him everything because my natural love obligates me to act that way.

When we say that we want to perceive the whole world as ourselves, we do not understand what kind of opposites are juxtaposed here and what kind of approach is built. I do not eliminate the repulsion, but build love upon it.

That is why a very special state is being revealed in the world now. There are struggles, arguments, collisions, and differences being expressed all around. The whole world is in disarray and no one is able to live together with anyone in peace. And they won’t be able to. The quarrels will continue flaming up more and more until we understand that all of the sins have to become revealed and we have to unite above them.

We shouldn’t be afraid when they become revealed, but on the contrary: When they become revealed and show you your weakness, that is exactly when you will understand that you need help. You will see that you cannot do anything by yourself and that you need the Light that reforms.

That is why we are seeing so many differences, forces, and goals collide, and no one understands anyone. Above all of this, we have to build one, large umbrella—the mutual guarantee.

In the meantime, all of these differences and disagreements will remain on the inside. This is a miracle that we do not understand! But the miracle is that they remain together with the umbrella that is created out of love and mutual guarantee rising above them.

We love one another despite all of our contradictory differences. We are so different because that is how Malchut has been revealed from above. And I do not want to change another person. I only want to explain to him that it’s worthwhile for us to have a kind attitude to one another, and I suggest to him, “With both of us keeping our own position, let’s unite with each other above that.”

If we received such opposite qualities from above, from the Creator, and if we are so different by nature, then apparently, it is precisely by virtue of the difference between us that we can express the harmony of creation. It is impossible to play classical music on one musical instrument. There have to be different sounds: minor, major, all kinds of instruments, and everyone has to play together. This is what produces harmony and creativity.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 8/10/11, Preface to the Wisdom of Kabbalah

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  1. Yes agree with you on this self explanation about who you are in the sight of our Creator. To be honest with you, I learn so much to your blog, specially to your discussion. Thanks and God bless you.

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