The Whole World Is Standing Beneath Mount Sinai

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn order for the study to become an “elixir of life” rather than a “deadly poison,” it has to start with the intention to attract the Light that reforms. We have to study and open the book only for the sake of our correction.

Kabbalah and all the other holy books, regardless of what language they are written in (for example, the Talmud and Mishna use the language of hints and allegories) are descriptions of our connection with the Light, our spiritual states. All of these books, written by sages, Kabbalists, over the course of our entire history, talk about the spiritual world, our higher states.

If a person studies with the aim of attaining the states and spiritual degrees that the Kabbalists tell us about, like a child who wants to grow up, then first he reaches the revelation of his own evil. It is written, “I created the evil inclination and in addition, the Torah, the means for its correction.”

As long as we were “in exile,” all of that was concealed, but now we are starting to come out of the final exile. And just like during the exodus from Egypt, today we are again standing before the reception of the Torah if we desire to become “as one man with one heart,” to attain mutual guarantee just like by Mount Sinai.

A mountain of hatred is being revealed in front of us (Mount Sinai comes from the word Sinnah – hatred). But even despite that, we unite with the help of our points in the heart, the upper quality, the Moses in us who pulls us upwards and leads us through the desert, through the “preparation period” towards entering the “land of Israel,” meaning the desire for the sake of bestowal.

That is how all of humanity is standing before the mountain of hatred today. It is becoming revealed to us as one for all and is called the global crisis. We are all in the same state, but not everyone understands it fully yet, similar to how that crowd of people included different people as well—men, women, the elderly, and children who barely understood what was happening.

Yet, everyone is already starting to feel this state. It’s just that some already understand that the cause of all of it is our ego and the hatred that divides us, whereas others still experience it as a bad financial situation. Every person feels some kind of lacking depending on his qualities, his environment and needs: one person lacks an apartment, another cottage cheese, a third something else, and so on in all of humanity, every person.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 8/11/11, Writings of Rabash

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One Comment

  1. The fact that humanity is standing together in front of the mountain of hate,
    on the verge of turning towards each other instead of away reminds me
    of the reunion of mother and child song by Paul Simon. We are all very close
    to being reunited with a nourishing force. This state is always so close to us.

    -No I would not give you false hope
    On this strange and mournful day
    But the mother and child reunion
    Is only a motion away
    Little darling of mine.

    I can’t for the life of me
    Remember a sadder day
    I know they say “let it be”
    But it just don’t work out that way
    And the course of the lifetimes runs
    Over and over again…..-

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