The Rectifier Of The Path

Dr. Michael LaitmanDepending on a person’s attitude to his ups and downs, on the extent he is able to view them as one state, you can assess how well he uses the environment and how close he has come to the Creator in correcting his desires. At each spiritual degree, we attain that “the Light shines as the darkness” to the degree of that state. And this is possible only through connecting with the external desires, which serve as a reserve where you deposit desires obtained during a descent, or inspiration and revelations that were obtained during an ascent. That is how one alternates the work during ascents and descents by compensating them.

To the extent I “charge” my environment during my ascent, I can now take it back when I fall so that instead of a descent I would remain in some middle state. When I rise, I fill my entire environment with my inspiration and am able to to use it later on. With every step, I strive to “rectify” myself so as to benefit from the ascents and descents: during the descent, I gain new desires, while during the ascent, I get filled with new impressions, Light, revelations, and meanings.

Then I am able to work steadily, like a circuit with a capacitor that is charged and discharged, or an engine where one piston rises and the other falls. We see that in nature there always are two forces at work, and the pressure difference causes the wind and other phenomena. But in man, these two forces must eventually join into one. The ups and downs, gratitude and accusation toward the Creator—it all links together into one whole, into relating to the Creator as the good who does good. That is how a person reveals the spirituality—the property of bestowal clothed in him.

All the properties that one can consider spiritual clothe in him—they are not somewhere else, in some other far-off place, and there are no objects apart from man. If we want to reveal spirituality, we must find it within ourselves, between the various states, which we classify as ascent or descent, reception or bestowal. If we can combine these two forces correctly, then we will discover Him! But we will do so only within ourselves, as a form clothed in matter, the property of bestowal dressed in the receiving force.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 8/23/11, Shamati

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  1. This is like the story of Joseph, telling pharaoh to store up his grain for the famine. Fill a book with ones sublime revelations and joys, and they can subsist off them in dark times, and ideally reignite the ascent, calling forth the dawn. Music helps, as it sways emotion.

    It is also similar to the energy crisis. The sun actually provides near infinite energy all the time, but we must store it, so as to buffer the wave, and square the circle. This way we can remain steady, in the middle, with enough energy, always 🙂

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