The Media Is A False-Bottomed Case

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: A person watches TV several hours a day on average. Modern programs, movies, and shows literally promote violence and murder. How is it that, on the one hand, we want to propagate the right values in society, while on the other hand, we poison people’s minds with on-screen violence from their very childhood?

My Answer: As you can see, the people are drugged, while the governments are doing their own thing. And the same is true around the world, except for countries with authoritarian governments, such as Iran and Venezuela.

In all places, media as a whole and television in particular know no bounds.

This drugging is no accident, and it will remain until the people display their attitude toward the goal. Only then will they get the strength to solve this problem. The problem is that modern communication channels reveal the evil of our lives and thereby aim us at the goal. So if you begin to simply liquidate the “good-for-nothing” media, how would people discover their evil?

We are dealing with two opposites in one phenomenon. In reality, the Creator uses this evil to direct us toward goodness, but toward true goodness and not the fake idyll of good media, fostering good boys and girls. That is not the purpose. From our end, we must aspire to correction. And our correction lies through love of others as ourselves, and toward love for the Creator. This is the only way to reach our goal. Simply watching the “good” kind of television won’t help us. For more read Baal HaSulam’s article, “Building the Future Society.”
From the 5th pat of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 8/23/11, “Arvut

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