The Norwegian Lesson

Dr. Michael LaitmanOpinion: (Dr. Jacques Attali, world-renowned economist, political scientist, writer, Honorary Member of the Council of State, President of PlaNet Finance): “Some… see there the sign of the beginning of a religious war, between Christianity and Islam….

“Others still… see in this tragedy one more sign of the return of nationalisms and of what follows: the refusal of foreigners and the so-called ‘internationalists’ doctrines, which the European project and social democracy are a part of….

“‘In fact, none of this gives the true measure of what really happened in Norway: This tragedy is in fact a cruel metaphor of the dominant value of today’s world: the desire for everyone to keep for himself what defines him,’ writes Jacques Attali in his blog. ‘In the West, many people are worried indeed about the risk of seeing their identity and standard of living threatened, and they have no projects other than enjoying their comfort and retaining their habits; and in order to preserve them, not to share them with anyone.’”

My Comment: Hatred cannot be removed by any means. There is only one cause of all our problems—our egoism and only one solution—to correct it to the opposite.

All the problems should be seen not as problems, but as the states that awaken us, pushing us towards correction, so we rise to the next degree of our development, to the state of harmony with everything around us. In this case, we will begin to experience nature in its eternity and perfection and feel ourselves in the same way!

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