Once Again About The American Jews…

Regarding the position of the American Jews during the World War II (Source: Human Smoke: The Beginnings of World War II, the End of Civilization, Nicholson Baker, 2008):

“Millions of strong, courageous European refugees could settle, proposed Baruch, in a place to be called the United States of Africa—a large nondenominational republic assembled from pieces of Kenya, Tanganyika, and Northern Rhodesia, all under the ‘sovereign control of England.’ Baruch opposed changing American immigration policies—the United State was in depression after all.

‘Messrs. Baruch and Morgenthau are preoccupied with saving hide and their own “positions” in America, and care next to nothing about the lot of Hitler’s victims,’wrote law professor and future Supreme Court Justice Felix Frankfurter in a letter to a friend. ‘These men are behaving precisely as did the rich and powerful Jews who helped bring on Hitlerism as a way of avoiding Bolshevism.’”

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  1. This is really a story about mankind and how even when he is given a great truth he rests on it and eventually forget its message. Being left with our own devices we will choose death. Regardless of our race, religion or the spiritual strength of our ancestors we cannot hide from the Creator of the Universe.” He knows where we live”. As an American Jew I am very concerned. This is the age where exposing the truth is multiplied more than ever before. There are many willing to believe that all American Jews are elitists and if they created an action against me there would be little I could do individually to prevent it. Together with other kabbalists I can work on a much deeper level. If I do not choose development then I am sacrificing myself and my fellow humans on this world’s altar.

  2. Although I am surprised that Jewish politician wouldn’t encourage opening it’s borders to refugees during the war. I am not surprised, as Justice Frankfurter says that these people are just saving their own behinds. Human nature at its best! (being sarcastic of course)

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