Globalization Is No Longer A Process, But A Condition

Editorial in the News (by Klaus Schwab, Founder and Executive Chairman of the World Economic Forum in Davos): “We live in a new reality where globalization is no longer a process but a condition.”

By Igor Agamirzian, expert on the new economy, Chief Executive Officer of the Russian Venture Company: “For the first time in history, humanity is living in a new historical reality. New technology has taken communication beyond physical location.

“The development of social networks is radically restructuring the organization of society and creating communities beyond geographical location. We still do not realize what is happening, but we will see these changes in the coming years.

“In the era of industrial development, the mid-twentieth century, the order of the economy came from large businesses, whereas today it is coming from the needs of the individual. The entire modern economy is driven by demand and is becoming community-oriented. This leads to the globalization of technological business and science because people’s needs do not depend on their countries of residence.

“The globalization process is ordered by the population of the planet.”

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