Every Person Should Adjust Himself From Within

Dr. Michael LaitmanChanges are now required on the part of man. He must change himself internally, rather than changing anything outside of him. The systems that we built, economy, society, and education, were developed according to our growing egoism. But now it is time to stop because we have begun to develop internally in a way that does not accord with our growing egoism, but with the correct form of our ego, the form of bestowal, mutual connection.

Today, the world is revealing the spiritual form. It’s a miracle to see how humanity is acquiring the form of bestowal—total interconnection.

In the beginning, we became separated from each other. There was a breaking on the scale of the universal system, and as a result, no one was connected. But now the system has started to close and we are becoming more and more tightly connected with one another. This is called “the integral world.”

We are revealing the system that is showing us the corrected world. However, it is showing it to us from the outside, while we have to adjust ourselves to it on the inside.

In essence, this is the Creator, the Light being revealed to us! If we bring ourselves into harmony with this connection and universal globalization, and if our desires acquire the corrected form, then the Light will be revealed inside them.

We should try to understand that the old methods are no longer effective and there is nothing we can do with them. This must be acknowledged as a fact. Nothing will help unless we think about connection. There is no other way for us to correct this world.

We will not have any instruments to use in the economic system. Even in the army, the hero that wins does not do so by his own force. Nothing will work in our world besides the power of connection! The more we unite, the sooner we will succeed, and everything will work out in the world and in society, from the inside out.

We have reached the actual implementation of the method of correction, and we cannot escape it. Time obliges us to this.
From the 5th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 8/16/11, “The Nation”

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  1. The parallel is distinctly seen in Physics, really beginning to hit in the 1990s, post the proof of the Einstein-Podalsky-Rosen paradox in actual experiment (quantum entaglement) at the University of Paris (Orsay), and the flowering of Chaos Theory at the University of California (Santa Cruz) — as well the work going on at the California Institute of Technology at the tiem in Complexity Theory.

    In short, the physical macrocosmic limit of Relativity, and the microcosmic limit of quantum mechanics having been reached, science begin turning in towards the study of mutual interaction/connectivity.

    This force of the Kabbalistic progression — in all sciences — on all scales, the pattern now coming through even at the level of human society itself — is fundamental, unstoppable. Is, Was, Will be…

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