Every Moment Hides Infinite Perfection

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: I remember that as a child, I was always dreaming about growing up faster and becoming independent. When I grew up, I suddenly started to appreciate things I had as a child. Does the preparation period also contain moments that we have to truly appreciate or do we need to go through it as fast as possible?

Answer: In spirituality things do not happen the same way as in the corporeal life since spirituality is perfection on every degree. This is where the difficulty lies: You have to find a deficiency on every degree in order to advance further.

Every spiritual state is part of Infinity. However, only this part becomes revealed to you while the rest remains in concealment. This is why it seems to you that it’s final, that it’s already the world of Infinity! You receive the full 10 Sefirot on your level.

First of all, you do not regret your past. Although there is a special state when we do that to help ourselves to move forward. However, usually we reveal how necessary it was to go through something in the past, how perfect was the upper governance, and how small we were by not realizing that even then we existed in the world of Infinity and did not see it only because of the lack of developed desires, organs of perception (Kelim).
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 7/28/2011, Shamati #50

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