Know The Desire Of Your Neighbor

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Are we addressing scientists and other thinking people so that our message could descend through them to others?

Answer: Yes. We could direct scientists to address the governments on the top and the people on the bottom. It’s as if we are approaching from aside and mixing in with this middle layer of intelligent, thinking people and scientists. We bring them to a common task, to a common opinion, and elicit them to address the higher and lower layers.

We don’t have any other opportunity. We cannot do this on our own because we are armed with a method that appears unrealistic to both. And if we will wait until they discern that it is realistic, we will be letting the world slide down to the path of suffering.

Question: Are we striving to build this address on a reasonable basis?

Answer: Of course. Only on a reasonable basis. Every person has to be addressed according to his desire. And that includes the Creator as well: If I want to establish a connection with Him, then I have to act in agreement with His desire. He wants to bestow to me – and that’s wonderful. I give him this opportunity. I open myself up for His gifts, and this is reception for the sake of bestowal.

I am always working with someone else’s desire because otherwise I do not make contact with others, but on the contrary, I close myself off inside. At first I have to feel the desire of the neighbor, be it a desire of the masses, of scientists, of my friend, of the group, or of the Creator. After that I work according to this desire. For what? For unification. In what way? However this desire dictates to me.

Incidentally, this is why advertising agencies first hold surveys in order to discern what people think, what they want, and what they are drawn to. Everyone who works with the public and desires to achieve success is always holding his hand on the pulse of his audience. How else can they go about it? If you want to speak to a certain part of the people, then you have to know their desires. These are basic truths.
From the 5th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 7/19/11, “Arvut

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  1. A census is an attempt to sense us, but the way they exist now is quite slow. If only there was a social sense, like Facebook but higher, the sum total of the lives as if they were cells in a single being, looking down at the entire system and feeling them all.

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