Reshimot: Memories About The Future

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe purpose of creation is to become similar to the Creator. This is the meaning of the words “to do good to His creatures.” How can the creature become similar to the Creator? What does this similarity entail?

First of all, you should want this. How do you start wanting? You have to be opposite to the Creator and wish to become similar to Him. This is a desire: I do not have what I want, but I strongly desire to get what I do not have.

The Creator is good and does good to the bad and the good; He is love and bestowal, the property of HesedGevurah, Tifferet, Netzah, Hod, Yesod…. There are plenty of qualities that I do not understand, but I have the opportunity, the need, and the desire that corresponds to each of them, to want them.

The Creator has 613 properties of bestowal. I have (although I have not discovered that yet) 613 desires enabling me to want the same properties as the 613 properties or Lights of the Creator. I have to reach these desires; I want to become similar to the Creator in each of them. It is said about it: “As He is merciful, so you are merciful.”

However, to want that, I have to know what I am lacking. But how can I know what I do not have? To understand what it is to be a grown up, I have to become one. To understand how to be strong, rich, or wise, I have to know about that firsthand. Could I wish what is unknown to me?

In our world, a child wants to grow up instinctively, without knowing why, which is because nature obliges him to grow, bypassing his understanding. This development takes place on the animate level; however, in spirituality, I myself have to know why and for what I want. This is a real desire.

How can I start desiring similarity to the Creator? To do that, I have to attain the status of the Creator, to verify what it is, whether it is worth it or not, and then desire it. How can I attain the status of the Creator so that I want to become similar to Him?

For this purpose, the breaking of the vessels took place. Thanks to it, we strive to be similar to the Creator, more and more, and become like Him by means of His force. That is why the destruction of the First and the Second Temples were necessary, which the science of Kabbalah studies in the spiritual context of the breaking of the vessels. We are talking about the fall from the level of reception for the sake of bestowal (the First Temple) to the level of bestowal for the sake of bestowal (the Second Temple), and then to the level of reception for the sake of reception, into this world.

As a result, we have a record of all the states that we went through, starting with the level of the First Temple, from the height of love, and including the Second Temple, which is much lower than the First Temple, yet it is still great. All the impressions which were acquired on this path are ingrained in us and are called “Reshimot.”

When they awaken in me, I have to realize them. In other words, one Reshimo is not enough; through it, I have to imagine what it means to be a giver. To do this, I have the group and studying: In them, I realize my Reshimo and from it, to the extent of my strength, form a reality.

Relationships with the friends, with the environment, with the Light that Reforms become a “construction site.” I have “material,” meaning a desire as well as a Reshimo, and now I want to introduce this Reshimo into material so that it realizes itself there and gives it material form. Then, I need the force from Above, the force of the Light, that will help me and will carry this out.

Rabash writes about this in article No. 940 from the collection Dargot HaSulam (Rungs of the Ladder): “It is said on the destruction of the Temple: ‘Let them make me a sanctuary, that I may dwell among them.” This means: Build me a Temple from your desire, build such a house which will become the house of holiness, of bestowal and love. If you have such a vessel of bestowal and love, “I may dwell among them,” meaning the upper Light will settle in it.

“We are talking about the point in the heart that should become the place of the Temple so that the Light of the Creator will dwell in it. That is why a person has to try to build his house of sanctity.” From all my desires that are originating from Infinity with the help of the Reshimot embedded in me during the breaking, I have to build the correct form, each time realizing my Reshimo from heavier material.

This will give me all the necessary details of perception because I always get the form opposite to the Creator. Thus, knowing my form, I am able to perceive His form opposite to mine and move forward.

In such a way, in our world a person already has forms corresponding and opposing the Creator. In this gap between the desired and the actual states, a person always has an opportunity to build his desire, knowing what he wants. It’s possible because once, before the breaking of the vessels, we existed in a perfect state from which the Reshimot were left in us.

This is the answer to the eternal question: “How can I become similar to the Creator? How do I know what this means?” We may wish this because of the records kept in us from the stages we went through.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 6/7/2011, Writings of Rabash

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