Kabbalah Circulation In Israel

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: I feel as if we are sitting at the bedside of a dying person, discussing what painkiller we should give him. Our priority is to engage the Light through studying. And yet, where Israel is concerned, we seem to be stuck.

Answer: Here, we receive blows in another form; therefore, we should approach people in a different way. We need to make them aware of what is going on in Europe and other parts of the world, while explaining to them how threatening these processes will be when they reach our country.

In Israel, they will manifest not in the economy collapsing but in pressure from outside, in problems with security. It is not about food and jobs; the reckoning will be done not at this level but at the level of our mission, our duty before the world. This is what we have to make people aware of.

However, at present, the nation is not ready for it in the slightest degree. Therefore, they will simply cover their ears and won’t even look at you. For now, at least they do not resent you. But if you start pushing them to take action, they will simply turn away from you. It is one thing “to join the good,” and it’s completely another matter to hear about troubles that obligate us to do something about them. “Who are you to tell us that, anyway?”

Many circles will be happy to see such turn of events and will want to crush you. On the other hand, while you are still talking about love, they have something to worry about.

Hence, we have to use a very fine approach in this case. Today, I don’t feel an impulse to make any drastic moves toward disseminating in Israel. It will only turn people away from us. For the time being, they are not willing and will not hear more. Unfortunately, this is what we are working with so far. By adding some “heat” to it, from good Samaritans, we will turn into moralists and preachers in their eyes.

We must take the path of love and good instead of forcing them into the mutual guarantee: “Let’s take care of, love, and unite with one another.” No posters with slogans: “Did you sign the guarantee?!” No, we desire to be guarantors for you.

We can’t approach this nation in any other way—only with love. Only if people begin to feel that circumstances are pressing them down will we be able to explain from where and why this pressure is put upon us.
From the 5th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 6/22/2011, “Matan Torah (The Giving of the Torah)”

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