Kabbalists, Come To The Board!

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: If I buy two pieces of bread but eat only one, does it mean that I am stealing the other roll from somebody else?

Answer: Yes, it does. We don’t know yet how precisely pre-calculated everything is. However, we are set to go through 125 degrees of development, and right now, you are not expected to make any calculations, which you are unable to do anyway. And yet, you are able to comprehend the situation: We reside in an integral system, a global interdependent world. Whether we like it or not, Nature, or the Creator, is educating us about it by sending us blows if we are unwilling to acknowledge the obvious in advance.

We can’t gain any surplus for ourselves other than by depriving somebody else. For instance, Earth has a certain amount of fresh water left in its store, and if you consume more than the others, obviously it will be at their expense. This is how Nature teaches us how interconnected we are. But if we study this interconnection with our inner, spiritual consciousness, working cooperatively, we won’t need to be taught by famines and catastrophes on the path of suffering. What for?

Employing global education, we can explain to the whole humanity that we are all brothers since we are all tightly connected with and dependent on each other. In the words of Baal HaSulam, the entire world is one family. Hence, we cannot act at each other’s expense because you are not only stealing from them (which we can’t afford to do any longer), but in so doing, you also are depriving yourself of the spiritual world.

Look what you will achieve by learning to apply the law of society balanced by basic consumption. “What do billionaires have but the zeros in the bank?” Baal HaSulam asks. After all, when the economy collapses, you will have nothing left.

“Wait, but I own a 30 million dollar masterpiece!” That’s great, but the problem is that nobody needs it. You can eat it for dinner if you’d like. “But I have a few pounds of gold in my safe!” Good, but there is no one to purchase it, so what are you going to do? Previously, it had some value and you could buy a truck full of food with it, but today nobody needs your gold.

We will have to study very hard if we don’t educate humanity in advance. Educate them about what? We have to teach them about the simple things: to introduce them to the new reality governed by global interdependence, integration, and reciprocity, where everybody depends on one another.

Take a look at Europeans who are about to disband and split. They don’t understand that the general trend is pushing them back and tearing the ties is impossible. Even the “common wealth market,” which in reality is nothing more than an ego driven bazaar of thieves where everyone hates the other, was still facilitating at least external connections. Europe cancelled the borders and hammered its own coin embossed with their collective egoism on it. That was a certain degree of progress.

This is what we have to explain. The time has come; we are literally invited, “called out to the board.” We must put forth our best effort in educating the world, stop waiting for something else, and begin working in our full capacity.
From the 5th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 6/22/2011, “Matan Torah (The Giving of the Torah)”

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