The Matrix Does Not Wait

Dr. Michael LaitmanIt is time to come into compliance with the network that nature puts us in. We must gradually start to realize what conditions and forces we face, in front of what matrix we stand.

Without a proper educational foundation, rooted in the group or in the global education system, this matrix appears to me as an awful pattern. Really, will all of us be equal and receive on an equal basis?

Yes, this means that everybody receives a measure corresponding to the needs of his or her animate level. One needs to eat twice a day and the other, five. One needs warm clothes, the other, summer clothes. So, what? This is equality.

In The Writings of the Last Generation, Baal HaSulam writes that it is necessary to check everybody’s needs. In our basic needs, we are like animals, and an animal never takes too much. After catching a deer, a lion eats some part and walks away, leaving his prey. One would think why? Will it not need food tomorrow? It has no “tomorrow”; there is no surplus above necessities. As a result, it provides food for others.

In our global, integral education, we also need to explore the following topic: What does it mean to be a corrected, normal “animal.” And everything beyond that belongs to spirituality.

To build such an approach, we need public opinion and consistent education supported by life examples. It takes years, but such is correction. In order to reach its end within 6000 years, the process has to be initiated in advance. One or two additional reincarnations may elapse, and so what? A person doing this work already sees where it is heading; a perspective opens in front of him, and he feels happy looking at it.

After all, he already feels eternity and perfection that are integrated here; he is already aware that the Creator is present here; he sees the power of truth, breaking through the veils. This gives him immense strength.
From the 5th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 6/22/2011, “Matan Torah (The Giving of the Torah)”

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  1. In art and media, these ideas are practically bursting at the seams. Every one of the lofty artists feels alone though, in a babylon situation where their symbols dont match with others and hense no one unserstands one another. As the art world unifies, such ideas will be passed down in such perfection and resonance, that a mere film, commericial, or painting, one day will be felt with such power that none will be able to leave His presense. In fact it is already like this, but the common language is still too basic, too seperate from man. We have not built unification yet, so only those sensitive to non human forms and concepts can feel it now. Soon everyone will be able to access the abundance of spirit, and simultaniously this will lead us to material abundance as well.

  2. Thank you,

    It is so conforting , a sense of connecction , closeness with my fellow beings. Let your words to spread, to iluminate our journey.

  3. It is curious concerning the now classic American science fiction film of about 20 years ago, The Matrix. A machine intelligence which fed off of human (brain) energy output as batteries, while maintaining a virtual world in which the humans lived in normal, even happy everyday lives, comes in the form of “Agent Smith”.

    Smith addresses the human character Morpheous, stating that he used to classify humans as mammals, but realized that they really were not. While mammals as all other creatures, live in balance with there environment, humans grow till they use up all the natural resources in a place, and then simply spread out to continue the pattern.

    Smith then goes on in such a way as to lose the point — leaving this as just a vicious (and supposedly unfair attack on human “greatness”). However, it is a deep irony (no accidents) that this message comes out in this subliminal form — we might relate it to the concept of a “Bat Kol” (a semi-prophetic “Daughter of a Voice”) — from “the Matrix.”

  4. ” In order to reach its end within 6000 years…”
    I agree the faster the better, but why does it need to happen within 6000 years?

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