Is Russia Part Of Europe?

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: You are about to travel to Russia. What is your attitude to this country? Do you see it the same as America, Europe, or Asia?

Answer: Without a doubt, Russia has a special spirit, one of Byzantium. It is by no means a European civilization. This is also evident from Europe’s attitude to Russia as to something different to it by essence. Even though this Russia seems like a Christian nation, it is nevertheless orthodox, meaning it has an element of competition with Europe over who has the Christian truth. And in addition, it has a great Asian influence as well.

Russia loves European culture. It loves France as one loves a mistress, but France’s principles of liberalism and freedom are alien to Russia. These are the principles of Europe – the principles of a new, technocratic civilization. But for Russia the slogans, “freedom, equality, and brotherhood” are vain attempts to create naked modernization. True, it does resemble it, as if smart machines were placed next to slaves….

But maybe this is exactly why Russia, the place where the commandments of the French Revolution did not catch on, in spite of all of Europe, is the place where the question about life’s meaning is apparent in every person: What are we living for!? That is why I am going there with the hope that I will be understood!

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  1. Good luck to you dear Rev. Same as you, I’m originally from Russian and very well know how they (Russians) understand principles of freedom – how and by what their spirit and the whole mentality was affected. Yes, they modernized a lot but insight of each of them is a slave with a desire of being a dictator.
    Again, I wish you the best in your courageous efforts.

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