Be Wise And Naive At The Same Time

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: What do we need in order to realize that all the problems and blows that we experience in this life are, in fact, the Creator’s messengers?

Answer: We need the opinion of the environment, public pressure. It is necessary to link the two opposites: on one hand, to feel strong fear and on the other, to be a hero, to simultaneously be both very naive and very smart, depending on what is being discussed.

We usually get confused between them. When we should be naïve, to lower our heads, and just trust, we act like a “smart aleck” and take pride in it. When we should be clever, we act like fools.

A great deal of our energy and time is consumed until a person gets straightened out. Sometimes, a tiny little mistake made in only a moment or over a few days costs us ten or twenty years of hard work.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 6/26/2011, Writings of Baal HaSulam

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  1. Shalom rav vhaverim,

    You repeated, that this is a close system. That tells a lot. So all this cause and consequence thing requires drastic simplification:

    In this world one, me for instance, is the cause of nothing. Nothing at all. It is not a matter of weighing it, for there is not even a thing to weigh.

    As long as one believes the contrary, that he is the cause of something, – anything – , he is like a boat attached in some harbor by a main essential big rope: he has a little space to balance but that’s it.

    Despite the fact that there is no harbor at all, the boat is stranded there by all the chains of cause and consequences that he imagines and that fix him down to the close system of the harbor.

    So any consequence that follows, whatever the form of it, – a mind process for instance, a jugement – is simply ..nothing. A disguised minister playing a joke.

    One may eventually ask what kind of cause he is (who am I?) This is a real question.
    Or one may eventually ask what kind of consequence he is (where do I come from?) and this is another real question.
    And finally one may ask where he is going which is another real question.

    But beside that one is wise to nullify, – preferably even before it arises – any form of consequence to be seen, lived, thoughted out – as rooting from hisself, as if he was the cause of something and as if any consequences was some offspring of him.

    Because in reality there is a branch from above, a particular branch, that stops at the very place of its existence. That is: where he stands. And all the rest that he thinks he sees, it is the close system of illusions that “seem” before him, nested in the world of infinity.

    And even preferably, should it be granted, it would be best to not even have to nullify anything of this kind.

    So that the boat would slowly derive to the deep sea, as there would be no main cause -and- consequence-rope, this primordial pipe-line, connecting him to the illusion of the close harbor.

    Just some portion of an infinite sea, with not even a boat on, and existence, to discover.

    But this at first, we wont believe, because we cant catch it: its infinite!

    Which is the reason why the close system of illusions exists: for us to be able to believe in it easily, with no effort. Cause we can easily catch it. Even if if does not exist!

    He, definitely has a great sense of Humour!

    Ha Kol tuv

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