A Smart Child Playing Bestowal

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe only creation is the desire that appears “from absence” by virtue of the Light and gradually reaches its condition. At the beginning it simply wants to enjoy, but later it starts to understand that it is completely under the rule of this desire.

This is how desire grows gradually until it realizes its full opposition to the Light. The first time, it happens during the 4th phase of the expansion of the Direct Light, in the state called Malchut of the world of Infinity.

The creature cannot sustain this condition and restricts itself. This forces it to establish a new relationship with the Creator. It feels obliged to become like Him and strives to do this, until all its attempts bring to their mutual penetration into each other, which is called “the breaking of the desires.”

It seems to us that the breaking is something negative. But in reality it is the other way around. Because of this, the creature understands its full inability to be like the Creator.

In order to become a giver and be similar to the Creator in the state of breaking, it lacks only efforts. Later, it will be able to reach bestowal and rise from a much worse state. However, firstly, it has to experience the realization of evil, prayer, work, good deeds, and until it has all these, it will not be able to become equal to the Creator and to be like Him.

Until the creature has obtained the spiritual vessel, that is, has obtained the understanding and sensation,feeling its own effort and the realization of desire, it is impossible to say that the creature is similar to the Creator. The little one cannot be a giver. He can do something small, play with his toys. But if he really wants to become like an adult, he has to develop a variety of sensations in himself.

Thus, after all the spiritual and historical development given to us as a preparation from Above, we discover that two desires are co-existing within us: our own and an additional desire. A human within us starts with this. One’s own, natural desire pulls a person towards the pleasures that he sees in front in him. The additional desire pulls him to special, spiritual kinds of pleasure; however, he cannot feel anything besides pleasure.

We see in a person of our world his material, physical body. It is not about it, but about the desire drawing him in two directions. One is directed to what is revealed to a person in his or her five sense organs. The other is called “the point in the heart,” and it’s still unclear to a person to where this desire is drawing him and whether it is worth using it.

From the moment these two desires are manifested in a person, he is called a human. Because of these two states, he can become similar to the Creator (Edome), that is, to be called a human (Adam from the Hebrew word Domeh” or similar). One needs only to find out about the means, to learn how to use these two desires awakened in him or her.

One desire is old and is called an “old and foolish king,” the other one is new and growing like a “smart child.” If one wants to deal with them correctly, this is possible only with the help of the upper force. Thus, he cannot advance on his own and needs a mentor.

Everything is given from Above: People are led to the right place to study; all the necessary conditions are created for them so that they can accept this guidance and use it. Everything is given from Above except for the effort that we have to add ourselves! These efforts build a human.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 6/7/2011, Shamati #161

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  1. This is great, it reminds me of star wars. They say that Jedi embodies the tension between the light and dark, and must feel it in himself, and the entire universe. This tension is the source of their power, as it brings them not only freedom, but closer to the root of the force itself. I’m interested in how similar certain stories are, with a little translation, they are saying pretty profound things about this world.

    Who is Anakin then?

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