The Simple Law Of Mutual Guarantee

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn order to accelerate our development, we are given all sorts of obstacles, pushed away, and confused into thinking that it’s not necessary to exert ourselves and we can simply wait until everything changes by itself. Or we begin to think that we had already put enough effort but haven’t yet found spiritual revelation. Perhaps, the Creator left His creatures, or this isn’t supposed to be for us right now, and we should wait for another opportunity, possibly in the next life. A person finds various excuses just to remove the obligation to exert himself.

However, it’s said: “The law is given and cannot be transgressed.” The upper Light remains at absolute rest, and we are inside it. Our desires can be developed only through our efforts. The extent of the correction of our desire and, consequently, the Light revealed in it depend on the extent of our effort. It’s a simple law.

We mustn’t forget about this law and should constantly remind ourselves to abide by this principle in the group, leaving no room for doubt and debate, various frictions, or questions: “Why don’t I receive anything? Where is the payment for my work, where is revelation, where is the desirable reward?”

Are you asking, “Where is it”? Here it is, right in front of you—take it! And if you don’t see it, cannot take it, it means that you are not ready yet. So, continue to exert yourself. What can be done if you don’t see what’s right beside you?

Thus, you shouldn’t think as if it’s possible to attain spirituality through some special, magical, secret means. Nothing will help except for work. The lack of sensitivity is what obscures the Creator and the upper Light. The sensitivity can be improved only through ascents and descents, solely through effort and search.

It’s also forbidden to listen to someone talking about disappointment and fatigue. Once somebody sighed heavily during Baal HaSulam’s lesson, and Baal HaSulam became furious at that person, saying that he never wanted to hear anything like that. A person can become tired physically, but he cannot be tired of the spiritual work, of inner efforts! It’s unacceptable to show such mood outwardly.

It’s understandable that people experience different states because they aren’t masters of them. However, a person shouldn’t show them to the surrounding people. On the contrary, no matter how one feels inside, he must always look inspired and willing to put effort into everything. This is the requirement of our mutual guarantee.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 5/18/2011, Baal HaSulam’s Letter 56

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  1. The consistency of state you speak of is what truth gives. Truth is at rest, the simple light, that which is and will be and was. We are on a sort of tide, on the water, the correction level, and it goes up and down with ascents and descents. If we could but for a moment ascend above our selfish ‘feelings’ we could embrace the truth. The truth shows us how we must act at any given moment. Emotions are critical but must work with the truth, not against it like some sort of drug.

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