A Proper Attitude Toward The Light: Entrance And Exit

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe creature develops in different ways and on different levels. Overall, there are five of these levels. However, each level divides into another five, those divide again, and so till infinity. The key in this whole process is one simple action, as it is written: “The expansion of the Light and its departure make the vessel worthy of its task.”

If we want to beget any quality or reaction either for or against reception, for or against bestowal, or for or against intention, in any form, we must evoke in that form, in these details of perception, development and its halt, the reception of the Light and its exit, an opening and a closure. Then, through these two opposite actions, we will receive the correct impression: a new desire.

In other words, I want to rise from desire No.1 to a higher quality desire No.2. I want to change my quality, become wiser, more giving, a better observer, more sensitive. Then, I only need to evoke one action: Let the Light spread through me and then abandon me. This action will cause qualitative changes in my desire, which will make me understand more, feel more, and notice more things compared to what I noticed before.

All my actions must be very targeted to send a precisely aimed impulse that evokes the entrance and the exit of the Light. Thus, I determine the speed of my development. When I want to attain a new detail on the spiritual degrees, ascend the ladder, elevate my quality, this can only be done through the expansion and the exit of the Light. This is the way a better and higher vessel is built, one worthy of its new purpose.

Therefore, we see that we are capable of constantly raising ourselves. Naturally, we use external factors: the force of the Light and the force of desire. However, we are the ones who activate them.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 5/25/2011, “Preface to the Wisdom of Kabbalah”

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  1. “Let the Light spread through me and then abandon me. ” – Please clarify with some examples of lights (colors), parts of all light. Are you referring to how we feel good some days and bad others?


    What is the light? Do you mean all forms of light? Visible, lower and higher f?

    Should an individual decide when there is light or not for themselves or does the creator (all other than the individual)? What are the differences?

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