Life Could Be Beautiful

Dr. Michael LaitmanWe are experiencing a very unusual period in human history. Beginning now and onward, all generations will live guided by the attempt to go from perceiving reality within to perceiving reality outside of us.

This is why we feel such a great emptiness inside us, in our family lives, in our relationships with children and others, in everything that we do. This is not only observed in separate individual countries, but throughout the entire world as well.

The changes happening in the ecology and climate of the planet become a bigger threat with every year. But all of this happens in order to change the perception of reality within us, which evokes a very unpleasant sensation, to the ability to go out of our egoistic world and discover that we have now gone from perceiving evil to perceiving goodness.

And if we were to come to the desire to bestow, then, naturally, we would be happy because we would not be destroying ourselves in a global world where we are all integrally connected. On the contrary, we would succeed in furthering our advancement because it is the only possible way to live and exist instead of destroying one another.

But until we change our attitude towards us, other people, the world, and general reality, nature will not stop pressuring us because we have already crossed the designated line. Essentially, what does Kabbalah say about this? It says that if we want to continue to develop without suffering, we should come into agreement with the higher state of nature (we do not have a choice) and understand that our current state is very bad.

This perspective gives us an opportunity to develop beautifully, and rewards us with an existence in an eternal and perfect world which becomes revealed here, through the changes in our perception. For this reason, in everything that happens to us, we must see it as a great help from Above, from the entirety of common nature, which helps and directs us this way towards the proper advancement, even though sometimes it manifests through unpleasant influences.

But if we are sensitive to all the little signs of this sort, like a smart, obedient child who understands how to find a common language with the grownups, we will advance well. We really have a wonderful adventure ahead of us instead of a hard life.
From the Introductory Lecture Series 12/28/2010 "Opportunities for Development"

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  1. Why sometimes I feel lazy to do anything? I now my goal, but I cannot move even a bit.. Is it my desire weaken due to limited exposure to the group or right environment?

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