How To Localize The Spiritual Area

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe evil that we need to realize within is not the same egoism that accompanies a person in his daily life. The real evil only becomes revealed in relation to the friends in the group. When you try to connect with them, you reveal how hateful and repulsive this idea is to you.

Evil is when you are indifferent to unity, when you constantly forget about it. Consider this evil! This is because you evaluate your evil egoistically; you judge it according to your full stomach or pocket, even though this is not evil but simply an animal body. Evil only becomes revealed against connection, which is where the breaking occurred.

How To Localize The Spiritual Area

The realization of evil in the “preparation period” begins with the moment that you begin to treat the group as the place that has the border (screen) before the spiritual world. The first contact with others is the crossing of the Machsom, the bridge that opens up from you towards the others. When you connect with the others into one whole in the very first property, the smallest Reshimo (the spiritual gene), this then becomes revealed as the crossing into the spiritual world.

Evil exists only here in the connection with your neighbor; everything else is not evil but just “weaknesses” of the animal body. One needs to completely transfer his attention from a polite treatment and an “intelligent attitude” towards the actual evil, where the breaking took place. Otherwise, you will think that a wolf and a lion are evil and birds are good. We are used to looking at creation in this twisted way, and it prevents us from seeing the truth.

As soon as you transfer your attention to your connection with your neighbor, you localize the spiritual area which only lays in the connection with your neighbor, and then the Creator becomes revealed between you.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 1/2/2011, "The Wisdom of Kabbalah and Philosophy"

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