The Force That Changes Garments

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn reality, there is nothing except forces. The forces that manifest in a certain way can thereby be in touch with our sensory organs. That’s how we are able to perceive, feel, and understand them somehow and start using them by having established that connection.

However, this force existed even before we started to perceive it. All the forms in which it manifests work solely relative to us and in order to reveal to us the first and only Force that doesn’t clothe into anything.

A soul is also a force that we cannot know if it doesn’t dress in some garment, some form that we are able to feel. To the extent that we correct ourselves, we see that all the previous forms in which we experienced these forces, such as crystalline matter, liquids, air, and even a vacuum were imaginary stages of our attainment that we have undergone. They exist solely in our imagination.

Since we lived in our egoistic desire, we were forced to experience this one Upper Force in specific forms, in these “garments” adjusted to fit our egoism’s perception. When our desire to receive pleasure is transformed and acquires its authentic form “to bestow,” we will see that all the previous forms were merely an illusion aimed to serve us in reaching the final correction.

This journey through all of the forms is really necessary for us because it teaches us how to get to know the Creator. Thanks to all the actions we have completed, we start comprehending His plan for us, His desire, and His love.

From all of these imaginary forms that we undertake while ascending on the 125 spiritual degrees through all the worlds or concealments, we get to know the Creator, as it is said: “From Your actions, we shall know You.” All of it is an illusion veiling the Creator, yet, it helps us to get to know Him.

Without taking into account all of the steps we have made and connecting them into one integral picture, it is impossible to assemble any image of the Creator. After all, we are the created beings, opposite to the Creator, and are unable to attain His essence.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 1/4/2011, “The Wisdom of Kabbalah and Philosophy”

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