The Birth Of Intention Or Man

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe will to enjoy is our matter, while the intention is its form. However, you don’t have the intention or form until the will to enjoy meets with the Upper Light and builds the form at the time of this encounter.

You cannot acquire the intention for the Creator yourself. You only turn to the Upper One with your plea (raise MAN), and then MAD, NHY of the Upper One together with its Reflected Light, descends from Above. And when the Reflected Light of the Upper One clothes into your matter, it thereby gives you a form.

The lower part (NHY) of the Upper One that clothes into the lower one creates its form. Meanwhile, the lower one by itself cannot do anything but plea: “Endow me with the form of bestowal!” But it is the Upper One that decides what form it will be, and for this reason we need to annul ourselves.

Therefore, the group can supply me with the desire to receive the form of the Upper One, however, the group does not determine that form for me; it only arouses this need within me. And when I ask the Upper One, raise MAN, I don’t dictate my will to it. If I insisted on having a certain form, it wouldn’t be bestowal.

In addition, the Reshimo (informational gene) that determines my plea is already in me. By raising MAN, I raise that Reshimo, that gene, so that the Upper One could perform a Zivug: a union of male and female parts as if when conceiving a child. This union occurs Above, while I already receive a ready-made form that it begot.

All of my forms are already inscribed within me, in the chain of my Reshimot. I do not determine my fate, but only establish for myself the form of transition from one form to the other: either by the path of Light or by the path of suffering. However, the forms themselves are fixed; they are defined by the root of my soul and its descent into this world. I have to rise back following exactly the same path.

I only determine how I will transition from one stage to another: being pushed by the blows or driven by the Light ahead of me. I also decide whether I will advance quickly or slowly, that is, whether I will seek to learn from the Creator or He will have to teach me with a stick.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 1/5/2011, “The Wisdom of Kabbalah and Philosophy”

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